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Work? What I've been doing...

My time in Israel has been flying by! Having this time to settle a bit and allow myself a somewhat more “regular” schedule has been a bit of a deep breath compared to the consistent travel of the prior few months. I realized that from March through July I had not spent more than a week or so in any one place. Crazy, right? But was it amazing? Yes. Tiring? Yes. Fascinating? Yes. Overwhelming? Yes. Incredibly inspiring? Absolutely. With all that travel, I continue to be in a constant state of processing and thinking and really trying to continue to write – which if you’ve been following closely, doesn’t always happen. While I prepare for the next few months, I thought I’d share a bit about th

Visiting Summer Camp, Szarvas

After spending two glorious weeks in Tel Aviv, relaxing, catching up on work, and living the dream a bit. It was time to get back on the road, briefly. One of the things that had been on my list since my first weeks with JDC was the idea of getting to visit Szarvas camp. So I had planned a trip to spend two days at camp, and then was able to pick up another project in Budapest. While looking back on this quick, less than one week trip, so many elements of it went “wrong”. Not dramatically wrong, lots of things were just a little off. These things like plane delays, closed coffee shops/restaurants you look forward to, and other undramatic missteps made me recognize 1) how resilient and calm I


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