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A little update email...

Hi all,

Upcoming holidays bring out the reflection in me. So here is some reflection - I also figured that it's been a bit since an update - there are lots of links here but, the super quick version is: I'm looking for a job, I have reflections about Dubai and just wanted to say hi!

I'll be honest in saying I've thought of sending something out into the world for a while now, but I just haven't had the focus or mindset. **Recognizing while I'm sharing this on 9/11 I did not write it on or in reflection of the significance of the day - was not my intention to send today, but here we are**...It's crazy to think I've been back in Detroit for 9 months now, I'm living on the edge of Huntington Woods (and have walked the 'woods many times over). Some days it feels like I just got back and others like I never left, thanks Covid. But I'm back, and for the last month or so I've really been job hunting. It's tough out there, so, I've attached a version of my resume, or check me out on Linkedin because, you just never know, and I'm always open to ideas :). (Email me @ and I'll send my resume to you).

Beyond that, I know a few folks have asked me about all that's going on in Dubai, there is a lot that has changed since my time there. Of course always happy to share, I wrote a little reflection that has less to do with Dubai and more to do with the upcoming High Holidays but touches on some memories.

Should you want to hear more about what's going on now, you can check out a special webinar with JDC Entwine this upcoming Tuesday, Sept 15th @ Noon EST to hear the Community leader and yours truly speak a bit about the community...I can also send you some other articles that have been written...

Should you really want to read more thoughts I've had throughout these months, here is one more essay I wrote recently, and challenge you to check in on a friend.

If you want something new that is more tangible, here are a few of my recent favorite things:

Best Reflective Exercise for this time of year: 10Q by Reboot - sign up, answer questions, reflect on this year, you'll thank yourself next year.

Favorite App that has reinspired my running: Peloton. No I don't have a Peloton bike/tread, but the outdoor runs are pretty solid, plus yoga/stretching/strength.

Daily Jewish insight - Take One - a podcast studying Daf Yomi, with a bit of talmud each morning. Honestly, quick bits, interesting thoughts, digestible.

Droolworthy shoes - How can I not mention Sorels when given the opportunity. It's nearly wedge season - yes I will wear them around the house if I need to. No, I have not added to my collection this year...yet.

Plant Mom Inspiration - Bloomscape - I'm also a fan of airplants, but if you need a great pick me up present for a friend across the country - this is my go to, plus I just got a few new ones and I'm obsessed...was not my intention to be an affiliate, but you do get $15 off 50 if you use this link...

That's all for now, if you don't want to get these emails anymore, for sure let me know and opt out, but it's likely not the case since you are still reading somehow, and I have no clue when I'll send the next one - if you want more of them, or more stories, reply and let's catch up soon, or send me your address and maybe I'll send you a card :).

Shabbat Shalom, for those of you celebrating, Shana Tova.

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