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Semi - Quick Highlights of Budapest: A beautiful city. My favorite fun fact is that one side of the river is called Buda and the other is Pest. I spent most of my time on the Pest side, but would definitely recommend checking out the Buda side as well. The bridges are easily walkable too! The Jewish community here is much larger than I thought. There are over 100,000 Jews living in Budapest, more than 16 active synagogues (active meaning have services and attendees – it's not to say everyone in Budapest goes to synagogue regularly), multiple kosher restaurants, a number of local organizations, and is home to some newer and innovative initiatives. The Jewish community here is also complex and

Laryngitis, Tuna, and JDC programs

Here is the latest in the form of a list of random things I’ve learned, experienced, and discovered about myself while be in Israel for the past month. If you don’t want to read everything, skim it by reading just the first lines. See the bottom for places I'm headed next - suggestions for my travel, reach out and let me know! While I enjoy quiet time, I also enjoy talking. I lost my voice to laryngitis for about the past week. Which was incredibly frustrating as it happened just as a number of projects and progress of plans for my year were falling into place. Beyond not being fun, it’s really made me think about how much I need to use my voice, ask important questions and to always make su


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