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PART TWO. A Wednesday in Jan.

COME FROM AWAY I finished Wednesday off by seeing a show on Broadway, Come From Away with my friend Deborah. It was incredible. The brief context: it’s the true story during 9/11 when planes were diverted to a small island in Newfoundland, and what happened when the town really showed up to take care of thousands of stranded travelers. So I’m thinking I’m just going to see a show, but yet find much larger connections to everything I'm reading. Themes emerge: through tragedy people come together, while there can be a lot of bad in the world, there are good people, and in fact many people are inherently good. A very poignant piece of the show – and it’s not a spoiler – was a piece where an old

PART 1. A Wednesday in January

A lot of my first few weeks have been days full of meetings. These meetings have been informative and helpful, gleaning a lot of the big picture about JDC, its people, and how this large organization functions. I happened to have zero meetings in the office on a Wednesday and decided to take advantage and venture out. It turned into a day that was very much connected to the content I had been reading about in my curriculum of books and articles about Ralph’s life and some of JDC’s work post World War II. I’ll admit that I didn’t write this in one sitting and the reflection kept growing so I’ve split it into two pretty reflective blog posts of some of my thoughts the past few weeks. But these


I can’t believe, it’s already week 2. Oh time, and how it moves so slowly and then suddenly so fast. My time in NYC is moving quickly and wanted to share some early reflections. Even as I write this I am continuing to explore more and can’t seem to keep up. Bear with me, I am ingesting a lot of content and trying to parse out what makes sense to share, and what is still sloshing around in my brain waiting for the right moment to for it to become coherent thought. Packing and Hello NYC At some point I’ll share the trials and tribulations of packing. I packed and repacked about 6 times total, feel good about what I packed, and then landed in New York and every day I reassess. I had a few days


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