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India 3. Pictures!

From Mumbai I headed off to Rishikesh, yoga capitol of the world. You may have heard of it as the place the Beatles came to write their music and live at an Ashram. I was looking for a week of being in one place, doing a little bit of yoga, and catching up on some work. I was able to do all that and more as I took in a cooking class which was beyond phenomenal, check out this guy here and seriously it’s easier than you think. I walked around town, over a bridge with monkeys, and got to wake up and look at mountains everyday. Mountains make me happy. Even if I’m not climbing them, seeing them brings me joy, it’s like a breath of fresh air to me. So while I’m learning it takes me a few days to

India. Take Two

Okay so now that we have the how my arrival in India was tough piece, onto why I was in India in the first place. The opportunity to lead part of Entwine’s Global Seminar orientation. Global Seminar is a volunteer program in partnership with Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) - check out their sweet website here. Eight young adults would come and volunteer and teach children for a week in the slums of Kalwa and a week in a village called Ashte. I’d be there for their first few days as they transitioned into teaching. Upon their arrival I felt more like myself, my ability to actually somewhat navigate the area of Mumbai we were in, and feel like I knew something about the city helped me out. Also,

India. Day 1.

My first day in India I sat in a Starbucks and cried a little. Who knows which thing actually pushed me over the edge, but I was due to have one good cry somewhere in the world right? India has been on my list of places to visit since before I got this fellowship. Years ago I did an internship at the JUF (Jewish United Fund – Jewish Federation) in Chicago. They did a “lunch and learn” that happened to be about the Jews of India. We ate Indian food in a conference room and briefly learned about the Indian Jews. At the time, I was amazed to learn that there were even Indian Jews and it’s been on my mind ever since. Plus just the mystique that is India. So what better way to get to India than h

NYC and Portugal Sunshine

Remember when I thought it would be great to catch up and have a chilled out week in New York in May? How I ever thought that being in New York City and being relaxed would go together, I’m not really sure. After one of the worst flights of the year, I arrived in New York. Mostly I was here to attend JDC’s board meetings, get some work done in the office, and to maybe change out some clothing options as I transitioned in to summer. I did all those things and more. Some highlights: I thought I’d be efficient and get my laundry done with a wash and fold. Well, I dropped off ALL of my clothing (ie. if it wasn't done I had nothing to wear), and it was only just done drying when I went to pick it


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