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A little update email...

Hi all, Upcoming holidays bring out the reflection in me. So here is some reflection - I also figured that it's been a bit since an update - there are lots of links here but, the super quick version is: I'm looking for a job, I have reflections about Dubai and just wanted to say hi! I'll be honest in saying I've thought of sending something out into the world for a while now, but I just haven't had the focus or mindset. **Recognizing while I'm sharing this on 9/11 I did not write it on or in reflection of the significance of the day - was not my intention to send today, but here we are**...It's crazy to think I've been back in Detroit for 9 months now, I'm living on the edge of Huntington W

Check in on someone.

In the last few weeks I’ve had many conversations with people who were either crying, on the verge of tears, or likely had cried that morning – myself included. I’ve recognized that the theme seems to be my single friends, but it’s not owned by us in this space, trust me. There is a good chance that I hear this from them more because we have time to actually talk, we aren’t bombarded by children pulling on our faces all day long and we are worried about the state of the world, plus we lean on each other instead of a spouse or significant other in this way. Last year, while in India and having a moment (maybe THE moment) during my year of traveling and was overwhelmed by moving so often and

2020 High Holidays and Dubai

A little less than one year ago I was sitting in Israel planning my upcoming trip to Dubai. I had been searching online for all things UAE. History, sightseeing, scouring the internet for any information about the Jewish community. There was one article published about the Jewish community, and that was about all I could find. Little did I know, just one year later, so much would have changed. As I saw and heard about the exciting news of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel in the last weeks, and as I start thinking about the uncertainty and odd feelings around the upcoming high holidays, I have done a bit of reflecting on my time spent in Dubai last fall. That same web search wi


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