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I said I wouldn't...then I did.

I’ve said all of these things at some point in life:

I’m not starting my own business.

No, I won't be an entrepreneur.

Leggings aren't for me.

I'm not a fan of NYC.

A down skirt? No way! So weird.

I’m not really a writer.

Yogi? Not me.

I’ve proven myself wrong on every single one of these things. Some proclamations happened out of stubbornness, or what I thought might be my own personal desires. Sometimes it was a not-so-serious contempt for something I thought was useless. Cue the down skirt thing. Boy, was I wrong.

Seriously. Every. Single. One.

We make grand proclamations about things we will or won’t do. For me, some of my reasoning was fear or apprehension about what would happen if I did do or become that thing. In reality, making these moments happen, trying something new, or becoming a self-proclaimed "pro", has just continued to define who I am, and who I will be.

I figured it was time to define myself as a yogi when I went to a yoga class in Germany, on my own, speaking zero words in the German language, to a class taught entirely in German, and had an amazing experience. Please don't ask me to count the number of leggings I now own and I miss New York sometimes. Let’s be real, a down skirt on a cool fall or cold winter day, keeps the top of your legs real toasty! Finally, this is my third blog post. Doesn't that make me a writer?

Sometimes you have to prove yourself wrong to get it right.

I’ve learned that the things we tell ourselves we need to be, or we shouldn’t or can’t do are just your own rules. Many times, they aren’t even a part of your values, or your beliefs, just rules YOU made up. In some circumstances, it can be helpful to define your own rules; but often, we create our own obstacles where there don’t need to be any.

Sometimes you say no to an opportunity or trying something new because it just doesn’t feel right. When you do this make sure you allow yourself the opportunity to say yes sometimes (even if it might be a little uncomfortable). You might have to go against your own stubbornness and your own rules to make it happen. There is a decent chance you'll learn something new, and maybe find some happiness along the way.

So, here I am, crossing that “I’m not starting a business thing” off the list. Might as well check off the “I’m not an entrepreneur” one while we’re at it. I launched this thing called JKatz Consulting. In the past I did all this rule making, and ultimately have decided to throw out the rules and do what makes me happy. Helping. Guiding. Creating. Listening.

This means I’m looking for clients, folks who need help with their resumes, with getting their life on track, or consulting on an organizational level.

Whatever you are looking for, reach out. I'd love to hear which rules you've made for yourself, and what happened when you allowed yourself to break them.

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