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Just Start.

I’ve heard the advice from multiple mentors, friends, and entrepreneurs recently.

Just start.

As someone who overthinks everything from what flavor ice cream will allow me to be a little adventurous but also ensure I enjoy it (yes, this has been a thinking pattern of mine), to putting any number of items into carts when online shopping and then convincing myself not to buy anything (over and over and over again), the idea of just starting something and thinking later is terrifying.

Ok. It’s really not terrifying. When I thought about it, it was actually kind of exciting.

Ironic. I know.

So, I started. I wrote something. Now I’m writing something again. Hi. But I’m also looking at opportunities to not only share my journey but also inspire and help guide other people who might feel stuck.

Just start.

At multiple points in my career, I’ve felt like I had no clue what my next step was. What path was I on, and where would I end up? I dreaded the “what do you want to be when you grow up” questions. I felt lost. I talked to any number of people, hoping they would give me the answers, instead I walked away frustrated and still searching.

Over the past few years, I’ve grown, I’ve gained confidence, I’ve gained insight, I’ve talked to a lot of people, I’ve also actually listened to myself. I pushed, others pushed me, and I started to figure it out. Well, kind of. Let’s be honest, none of us have anything “figured out”.

I definitely had some help. Help in the form of some pretty smart mentors and guides who asked the right questions. Sometimes I needed someone else to recognize something I couldn’t, sometimes I needed to recognize it myself. Ok, mostly I needed to recognize it myself.

Just start.

The point of this post? Me starting. Maybe you starting. Maybe you feel stuck, maybe you feel like you are directionless, maybe you feel like your parents/partner/siblings/friends are no longer helpful as they try again and again to give you advice, only to end up fighting about how your resume should look.

Now I am by no means telling you to do anything drastic. Do not think I am telling you to quit your job, break up, or book a one-way ticket to New Zealand (yes, I would go to New Zealand, no I’ve never been there). However, if you have something going on, some goals you want to accomplish, frustrations you want to explore, continual worries about finding your next step, or a really great idea…yep, just start.

What am I starting? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Coaching. Guiding. If you are looking for that person who is not your family member to take a look at your resume, I’m here. You want someone to ask you some potentially tough questions about your career goals, but not while sitting around the holiday dinner table with the whole family? I’m here. This is me starting. Starting to help people in a meaningful way. Starting to help others figure out their path or journey that may or may not continue with a new outlook, new role, new city, or a new adventure. You have the answers, I’m just here to help.

Just start.

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